The Shadow of Heaven


Two empires on the brink of war, and a family torn apart by cruelty and deceit…

Runaway wife Demetria Worthington is hiding her past. In order to protect her son, she lied her way onto a ship bound for the new world. Alas, the Virginia colony is not the haven she hoped for, but a place of espionage, intrigue, and murder.

Second son of an English nobleman Crispin Worthington hates his past—just like his own father hated him. He has made a new life for himself in Virginia, a life threatened by a series of strange misfortunes—and the key to these events lies with a woman who is not what she seems.

Now, the man who doesn’t believe in a Heavenly Father’s love and the woman who refuses to trust even God must learn true love and trust in order to find happiness with each other and save England’s last chance to challenge the mighty Spanish empire.


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