ships at sunset 1really old churchWhen I first started writing news articles, I had dial up internet for my (s-l-o-w) computer and film in my camera. The “information age” has changed the face of periodicals. Most of my news reading these days is online, fitting, I suppose, since my nonfiction writing is almost exclusively online too for the blog Inkwell Inspirations. My early articles exist only on paper, but my later articles and blog posts will live as long as bits and bytes survive. Here are some of my favorites:

Chief Eugene Brewer — On December 7, 1941, Eugene Brewer was an 18-year-old seaman on the USS Dale, stationed at Pearl Harbor. (Chief Dale passed away two months after the publication of this article.)

Evolution of the Waltz — a compilation of videos depicting how the waltz evolved from its introduction in the early 19th century to the popular ballroom dance we recognize today.

The Year Without a Summer — My second Love Inspired Historical novel (The Reluctant Earl) is based on this weather phenomenon that occurred in 1816.